3 videos and an article write up of my Medal of Honor Art Project, with a few questions

On 18, 20, and 21 July 2020 I had picked up several of the historical and spiritual rubbings for my Medal of Honor Art Project of which I had been trained and learned how to do before my Psalm Sunday 2000 head injury of which I went through multiple classes and had been taught how to properly and accurately do so without any damages to the stone marker itself. My Confirmation Class at Old Tenant Presbyterian Church had the ability to take up to 2 separate electives, and I had chosen to take photography as well as the gravestone rubbings with historical aspects of the teachings. There had been when I had also learned the points of which my paternal Great Grandfather and paternal Great Grandmother’s teachings of the spiritual and historical mixture of, to properly imbue within the rubbings of any marker I had worked on. With such a training reference point of those three simply the ease for understanding of a few additional point in reference to the teachings from my maternal Grandmother, in conjunction within my Confirmation Class.

My paternal Great Grandfather was Cantonese and my paternal Great Grandmother was Mandarin, which they had a child together shortly before Mao Ze Tung had begun taking over China. Knowing my Great Grandfather and my Great Grandmother would suffer a horrific fate if captured by the party coming into power, my Great Grandfather had to save his wife and his son from the tortures thereof. His background of also being Hebrew/Jewish as well as my Great Grandmother having Hebrew/Jewish in their bloodlines, were additional targeting aspects at the time. Thus my Great Grandfather made a plan for the family to escape the upcoming problems in the country, to then immigrated legally to the United States of America. My maternal Grandmother of which my biological mother said she found ties to the Tzar and/or Romanoff family bloodlines though my maternal Grandmother herself had discussed her own Hebrew/Jewish bloodline lineage as well as her involvement with the Rosicrucians, the Order of the Eastern Star, as well as her friendship with the author Dion Fortune as she made her way to immigrate legally from Eurasia over to Canada to then move into the United States of America when speaking with me when I was a child visiting her in her house in upstate New York. In Canada is where she had met her first husband who had been the biological father to my biological mother as well as her older brother Danny, though Danny had drowned in a lake when he was playing with some of his friends shortly before my paternal Grandfather moved back to Canada.

Through the combinations of teachings from my paternal Great Grandfather, paternal Great Grandmother, maternal Grandmother, and the individual from Old Tenant Presbyterian Church during my Confirmation Class is how I learned in full of the ways to complete historical and spiritual gravestone rubbings; of which transformed into what I loving call my Medal of Honor Art Project, as I had been contemplating the aspects of what I wanted to do after achieving becoming the first female Command of the United States of America’s Armed Forces of which branch I had chosen to go into. When I had my Psalm Sunday 2000 head injury it had been during Basic Training in the Army branch of, and there had been quite a few individual circumstances of which did not assist my return to Basic Training. However I was able to help in the areas I had been, in regards to getting information to the correct individuals to give ideas of how to keep the United States of America safe as well as assist where I could in other ways over the years. Though with my initial ideas for my Medal of Honor Art Project had been more along the lines of a smaller project before my Psalm Sunday 2000 head injury, when I began my Medal of Honor Art Project in August of 2014 the ideas for such became a bigger idea of which I wanted to do with.

Between August 2014 through to 2020 I have completed and dropped off 131 individual pieces of artwork from my Medal of Honor Art Project to the civilian cemeteries to give to the next of kin, to American Legions, to Disabled American Veterans, to Veterans of Foreign Wars, and to Veterans Affairs facilities for the displays thereof in hopes to assist a multitude of aspects. From November 2018 through to July 2020 I have sent letters of correspondence as well as the books I have authored to various groups and divisions of the United States of America’s government and Armed Forces throughout the different states as well as including the Pentagon itself among also various religious organizations too, in hopes to bring more awareness to several aspects of out into the light; though the SCUBA Diving books have been sent to groups and organization locations as well for a different aspect, yet still bringing forth into the light for such awareness and acknowledgements though more importantly in various aspects of justice for specific situations. In reference of the state of Texas thus far I have completed a total of 30 of the historical and spiritual rubbings for my Medal of Honor Art Project of which I still have around 30 to pickup before I begin the artwork portions of in a different aspect, for then to take to be encased in glass and wooden frames.

In that regards of the glass and wooden frames I have had a pondering as to whether I get such encased in glass myself at a company to do such, or if I were to take the individual pieces to the locations to give the individual locations the choice to have one of their local individuals to complete the encasing. In the first choice aspect of getting the encasings completed myself the wood is unfinished as to ensure the ability to have the framing fit into the location’s interior design yet in the second choice, the ability to not waste materials and the encasings can be done by the local individuals who would be willing to undertake such an encasing aspect for a collaborative effort in such. In the first aspect there are more people who have the ability to be exposed to learn more and get inspiration in the civilian sector though plenty of veterans around to ensure the sanctity of such, whereas in the second aspect the same amount of sanctity available though a more controlled aspect. Within the first aspect there is an overall uniform sort of way of which has been completed thus far by the McLendon’s Hardware in Tacoma Washington though since I am no longer in the state of Washington and am now in the state of Texas where I had discussed many aspects thereof well before winding up in Washington state, the ability to get more veterans the ability to express themselves artistically is an additional option in regards of such.

In that regard since I have not been contacted in reference of my Medal of Honor Art Project aspects as there has been quite a few things going on in the world since my first initial contact among several others I suppose if there are American Legion, Disabled American Veterans, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and Veterans Affairs Presidents of locations who would contact me through my contact page of if there is an interest for such encasings to be completed by members of the local chapters please do; that way we can discuss the details thereof, if we have not already met in person before and you have my contact phone number such as the Colorado Springs Disabled American Veterans group had done when they had received the artwork pieces of my Medal of Honor Art Project when I dropped the ones off there in 2019.

I have a few videos of what I have done in regards of showing only the partial historical and full physical aspect of my Medal of Honor Art Project aspects, of which below are a few of. I will continue to post the few videos I took of such through several posts on my website of my journal blog The Ornery PSA, so make sure the check back as well as share the links to my website as much as possible.

Nonetheless the reality of the one and only true Messiah having arrived which in turn would be the one who overcame each aspect of the Torah and the Holy Scriptures to include the aspects of having landed at the bottom of the ocean to surface and survive while also conquering the graves as seen in the videos above, the raising of the aspects of the dead could be joked in reference of the historical and spiritual rubbings of my Medal of Honor Art Project; and thus would that in turn mean the reality that God is on earth, especially since who else do you know of who walked on top of quicksand as well as the ocean other than me in this life?

Well, hello.

That announcement, has been made.

The time of acceptance and the revelations thereof, is now.

Is it not amusing how revolution and revelation are so very closely lettered, as well as how the sounds of the words are? Or, am I the only one who noticed that?


Thank you for taking the time to look through this website and please, enjoy your day.

Brightest blessings to all, for the highest good.