Open Letter to

Dear President Obama, Former Secretary/Senator/First Lady Clinton, and all other Democrats,

The commentary from Mrs. Clinton being reinforced by President Obama to the Democratic party referencing half of all Donald Trump supporters as "The Deplorables" has stemmed this brief open letter to those involved, and their support for the Democratic Presidential Candidate for 2016.

First I need to ask how can I be sexist, as a female?

As a pan-sexual whose vanilla boyfriend accepts all aspects of who I am, I am offended by your micro-aggressions and general statements made about homophobia of "half of the Trump supporters". Though this might be your opinion of those of us whom stand with Mr. Trump there are many other people who are gay, lesbian, trans-gender, and queer whom agree with many of his stances.

Being a multi-racial female I am offended by your micro-aggressions referencing my or "half of the Trump supporters", being bigots or racists. When both David Duke and Louis Farrakahn have endorsed Mr. Donald Trump (and disavowed), the idea of racism seems to be cancelled out. (*DISCLOSURE*: As a half Chinese and half whatever-crawled-under-the-fence mix, I do not agree with either point of view. The reference to both males are to solidify the points of irony, not to mention all of the purposeful acts Democrats have made throughout the decades and centuries)

As one whom believes legal immigration is important to keep our own citizens safe by knowing whom we are allowing into our country just as all other countries do the same throughout the world, I am offended by your comments of being a xenophobe. I have no problem with immigration but I want to ensure the safety for all citizens, not just a select set of groups.

Finally as I would consider myself to have Radical-Islam-phobia I am offended by your micro-aggressions to not acknowledge the difference between the Radical-Islam-ophopbia and Islamophobia. Personally I find all of your statements and attempts to repair the optics instead of apologize with genuine sincerity, to be quite deplorable.



P.S.: To Colin Kaepernick and those disrespecting the flag during the National Anthem,

Every active duty, reserve, national guard, veteran, survivor, and dependant has the right to inform you of three simple words: You are welcome. Though it is a shame more of your comments referencing Former Secretary Clinton have not been as public, as the other commentary.

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Thank you for taking the time to look through this website and please, enjoy your day.

Brightest blessings to all, for the highest good.