Should it take a head injury to figure this out about the Republican Presidential Candidacy for 2016

This list does not include the islands, or outlying USA territories.

* Senator Ted Cruz won: Iowa(28), Alaska(36), Oklahoma(34), Texas(44), Kansas(48), Maine(46), Idaho(45), Wyoming(66), & Utah(69)

* Governor John Kasich won: Ohio(46)

* Mr. Donald J. Trump won: New Hampshire(35), South Carolina(33), Nevada(46), Alabama(43), Arkansas(33), Georgia(39), Massachusetts(49), Tennessee(39), Vermont(33), Virginia(35), Kentucky(36), Louisiana(41), Hawaii(42), Minnesota(37), Mississippi(47), Florida(45), Illinois(38), Missouri(40), North Carolina(40), Arizona(47)

OPEN PRIMARY DEFINITION: noun 1. a direct primary election in which voters need not meet a test of party membership. (as defined by

Open Primary Results

Sen. Ted Cruz: Wins=1 Losses=15

Gov. John Kasich: Wins=1 Losses=15

Mr. Donald J. Trump: Wins=14 Losses=2

Thankfully my boyfriend verified the numbers for the electoral votes in regards the the 2016 Republican Presidential candidacies for the successes, and losses. I will add definitions and summaries, before the opinion section.

LEGAL DEFINITION OF CLOSED PRIMARY: Closed Primary Election Law & Legal Definition Closed Primary is a primary election in which only those voters who have registered as belonging to a particular political party can vote. For example, if it is a Republican primary election, only those people who are registered Republicans can vote. The election is to choose a particular party’s candidate who will eventually run for office in the general election. Whereas, in a Blanket Primary voters may pick one candidate for each office without regard to party lines. For instance, a voter might select a Democratic candidate for governor and a Republican candidate for senator. The candidates with the highest votes by party for each office advance to the general election, as the respective party's nominee.

Closed Primary Results

Sen. Ted Cruz: Wins=2 Losses=3

Gov. John Kasich: Wins=0 Losses=5

Mr. Donald Trump: Wins=3 Losses=2

Caucus Definition: Who can vote Only members registered with the political party can participate (if closed system), Voting method Voting is conducted at local party meetings and is done by raising hands or breaking up into groups.

Caucus Results

Sen. Ted Cruz: Wins=6 Losses=6

Gov. John Kasich: Wins=0 Losses=12

Mr. Donald Trump: Wins=3 Losses=9

Now we add the delegate win in Colorado for Sen. Ted Cruz, which was closed to a specified group of individuals.

Opinion Section

* Does it take a head injury to figure out when Sean Splicer says the GOP convention will allow only the delegates chosen by the GOP committee as per the Virgin Islands' problem, the GOP is showing the proverbial cards hidden up their sleeves?

* Should it take a head injury to figure out the main areas Mr. Trump has losses mostly within the establishment areas whom only allow closed discussions among the caucus members, instead of the overall Republican party?

* Does it take a head injury to figure out Sen. Ted Cruz only seems to win states with closed or restricted voting for the Republican Presidential candidate whereas Mr. Donald Trump almost always seems to succeed, in states with open elections?

* Should it take a head injury to figure out Sen. Ted Cruz mainly appeals to establishment voters whereas Mr. Donald Trump seems to be able to appeal to voters all across the board and thus, more likely to defeat S.o.S. Hillary Clinton in the general election for President?

* Does it take a head injury to figure out Mr. Trump is unlike all other presidential candidates as he does not need to waste his time with the political mudslinging with the life he has built for himself and because of these actions he shows, he wants to genuinely help the United States of America?

* Should it take a head injury to figure out unlike anyone on the DNC or GOP primary electorate's need for donations by anyone Mr. Trump has the ability to work for all which is more difficult than solely his own company and self, hence the panic and chaos for the political parties and lobbyists?

* Does it take a head injury to figure out the people of Colorado and all closed caucus states should be informed of each and every single identity of all delegates chosen for their GOP party whom will attend and vote in the Republican convention, instead of the general public voters which includes the males and females who are or whom have served/ing honorably in the military?



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