Why I supported Mr. President Donald Trump for POTUS in 2016 & why I will in 2020; & you should too.

Throughout the GOP debates and primaries I like many other individuals, have been intrigued by the 2016 Presidential Election; and now the 2020 Election.

Listening to the continuous spinning from media pundits and an array of opinionated commentary journalists throughout the years and decades many individuals and myself included, are beyond disenfranchised by the so-called system.

While many throughout the news and the polling groups do not comprehend the simplicity behind Mr. Trump's support within the #NeverTrump movement, this blog will break it down.

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* Though Mr. Trump has dealt with an array of failures he has proven to be similar to the average American by knowing he must learn from the mistakes, to move forward towards success.

* Though Donald Trump has not dealt with foriegn policy for safety concerns he has dealt with other countries and their laws, for business deals.

* Though he may have been throughout the political spectrum in the past Mr. Trump has always been a fiscal conservative, which is something America needs to balance the budget. (read about Wollman Rink [NYC worked to repair the ice skating rink and estimated another 5-10 years of work before Mr. Trump took over the work to complete the work in less time than he or the government predicted, and under the projected budget)

* Though Mr. Trump has not run for an elected position prior to the Presidential Election of 2016 he has repeatedly stated throughout the years he would only run for office, if he felt this country was in dire straights from politics.

* Though the elected officials claim they assist people to create businesses and jobs, Donald Trump has actually done so.

* Though Mr. Trump was not a politician before and has always been a business man Donald Trump unlike most other political figures and lobbyists, has created thousands of jobs for qualified individuals.

* Though Donald Trump was born into wealth he does not stick his nose up in the air to the average individual and is willing to listen, to find the best way to improve the situation.

* Though Donald Trump is wealthy his is unashamed of his successes and grateful for his blessings publicly, unlike the 2012 GOP candidate who lost the election.

* Though Mr. Donald Trump's donations were desired and acceptable to both the DNC & the GOP elected officials before the 2016 and now the 2020 election does anyone else find it to be thought-worthy to ponder the reasons why Mr. Trump's experience, money, and name are no longer acceptable to the old guard Democrats?

Should it take a head injury to figure out if the description of "acting Presidential" means being similar to the current President of the United States the majority of Americans are saying by voting for Mr. Donald Trump, "No more, thank you!"?

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