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Should it take a head injury to figure out why the DNC and GOP cannot stand or have an idea, how to

This blog is an attempt for the DNC, the GOP, and the media to understand the public opinions and reacts to the 2016 Presidential Candidates. In the beginning I will explain the overall masses for those within the elite to comprehend, the general public. Towards the end I will discuss why I am someone who is within the demographic of the GOP's embarassment, and the DNC's worst nightmare.

Most people throughout the United States of America are not angry because they have nothing better to do with their time but because the public are exhausted from hearing politicians speak of the needs for the masses productivity, while being unable to find the legislation demands of the public practiced by the creators of law.

* Does it take a head injury to figure out when the political parties preach words they do not practice within their deeds the masses become numb to the nagging, from Washington DC?

* Does it take a head injury to figure out while the masses are forced to take responsibility for their actions on a daily basis yet continuously watch politicians/celebrities/affluenza/etc people getting away with breaking laws and legal situations no one else could, over time the masses may become annoyed?

* Does it take a head injury to figure out just because people may have government assistance for food/healthcare/housing does not garuantee happiness nor success for the individual, thus continuing economic insecurity?

* Does it take a head injury to figure out though many may have assistance most would prefer it to be theirs to own and not dispersed by governmental assistance programs to feel successful within, or accomplished for themselves?

* Does it take a head injury to figure out eleven hours of investigative questions is nothing in comparison to thirteen hours, completely under fire?

* Does it take a head injury to figure out while many many not care about the details of Benghazi the family at the least deserves the truthful, and completely transparent answers?

* Does it take a head injury to figure out had the family members been told the truth behind the entirety of Benghazi and informing them of the non-disclosure necessary prior to telling the truth most likely the family members of the four lost souls would stop bringing up the topic for discussion, and would have been able to find their own internal peace and closure?

* Should it take a head injury to figure out it is the pot calling the kettle black when Hillary Clinton and her supporters claim the families of the victims from Benghazi, are liars?

* Does it take a head injury to figure out if someone did not write the check of "up to an including one's life" to join and serve within the United States' military, they should not be allowed to represent themselves as if they had earned the titles? (Does this mean anyone can claim they are the POTUS or anything else by the justification, as it has been justified?)

* Does it take a head injury to figure out female who lie about sexual assault only make the process more difficult for genuine victims, of sexual abuse?

The general public are tired of listening to both political parties segregating the general public by their individual class system alalytics through traits seen, all the while forgetting most have multi-faceted life experiences. Now more than ever beautiful bi-tri-quad-and-so-on-ethnic-background children are being born to adoring parents, adding the to different levels of experience.

* Does it take a head injury to figure out to label someone as a Democrat or a Republican solely because they are fe/male, lifestyle, sexuality, ethnic background, economic status, education, and etc. is counter-productive, with each changing moment?

* Does it take a head injury to figure out not every veteran is a Republican and not every Democrat, is a minority?

* Does it take a head injury to figure out when one surrounds themselves with "yes-men" they will always feel more successful, than they actually have been?

In this day and age with the internet and technology allowing almost all to access the opposite part of the globe just using their fingers, able to see and learn of other cultures. Though the political parties and consultant firms are claiming everyone is angry the news does not seem to report the many causes, and the political parties do not seem to be listening to the people.

* Does it take a head injury to figure out it is not so much anger as it is frustration wanting to find the best route to better the surroundings and life, from the various promises and claims made?

* Does it take a head injury the masses want genuine people are brazenly honest with all versus sugar-coating from professionals' wording, no matter the situation?

* Does it take a head injury to figure out when people speak up and demand answers the government and the media do not wish to touch, the masses are exhausted from the games played by the legal system?

* Does it take a head injury to enforce the current laws for guns, terrorism, immigration, and etc., before thinking to change the current regulations?

* Does it take a head injury to figure out one needs to fix the with-in, before fixing the outside?

Here I will discuss why I am someone who is within the demographic of the GOP's embarassment, and the DNC's worst nightmare. Using my oen life experiences and background I will show both sides of the coin, to both political parties.

* Though I am a female who grew up in New Jersey and went to New York on a monthly basis before moving to Illinois I am a Republican, and have been since I first voted. (Most people living within the USA have lived in more than one city sometimes more than one state, giving unique experiences)

* Though I am a female I can speak my mind just as a Democrat can run their mouth while backing up with both experiences and confirmed information, from working like a Republican. (Not all Republicans are meek and mild mannered while also not only being the back-woods-toothless-hillbilly many Democrats picture, some conservatives to be or look like)

* Though I proudly voted for former President George W. Bush I can admit and laugh at pronunciation mistakes while discussing both sides of good and bad within the times, of the known situations. (I can also see the points of being incorrect and learn from the lessons to move forward in a positive manner)

* Though I am a Pan-Sexual Republican and I believe any adults who choose to consent sexually or romantically with (an)other(s), is none of anyone's business except those involved together. (There are plenty of LGBTQ and BDSM lifestylers like myself - unless I am at an adult party I do not care whether or not you are a breeder personally, I do not want to see it in the general public)

* Though I am a Republican veteran, I have supported some Democratic candidates in the past and do support certain points of their belief systems. (I am all for the freedom of expression so long as there is no endangerment to innocence, and laws are obeyed)

* Though I do not believe abortion should be used as a form of birth control, I do believe it is the female's choice. (There are certain circumstances I do not believe with modern technology the divine being/God would want a human to suffer needlessly, and would want a healthy and safe method to keep the female safe)

* Though I was raised Presbyterian and have studied various forms of philisophy to consider myself a spiritualist, I have no problem honoring others' religious beliefs. (I did not burst into flames when I painted the Our Father's prayer onto the artwork for the Medal of Honor Recipients and none have melted into an odd color puddle, so being respectful to ALL religions including but not exclusive to Christianity/Judaism/Buddhism/Paganism/Muslim/Shamanism/etc is simple)

* Though I am not a fan of recreational marijuana I do not wish to repress anyone from using marijuana instead of alcohol or any other vice they personally choose as an adult, so long as it does not endanger anyone. (Under 21 prohibition rules just as with alcohol)

* Though there are many beneficial prescription medications I can see the benefit to MMJ but just as with alcohol/prescription pills/recreational, it must be kept away from children. (Both aspects have positive and negative effects and if one were to write a list of the bad points of each but the legal documents handed out with each prescription fulfillment show which of the two, has more negative consequences)

* Though I do not agree with illegal immigration I believe immigration following the legal processes and intensive checks, should continue. (Keep the masses safe, as best as possible)

* Though I do not believe all Muslims are terrorists, I believe there are radicals in all religious belief systems. (It should not take a head injury to figure out this one)

* Though several Democrats claim Republicans campaign and live as if the 1950s are the present time looking at me, clearly shows we are past that time-frame. (I am not the only Republican with different hair and/or tattoos, and I did not get any tattoo because of a dare/spring break/etc)

* Though I am open sexually and accept myself but, no still means no. (Clothing does not matter, nor should it matter whether or not there are 4 witnesses)

* Though I am a female I am sympathetic to assault victims I am against anyone who lies about any form of abuse, and destroys an innocent individual. (There are plenty of difficulties from lack of belief for genuine victims those who claim false allegations do not assist the situation to be easier, but the opposite and more painful for the real victims)

* Though I am for female equality I believe unless the standards for all military and law enforcement training are equal for both males and females, I do not believe females should be in combat arms. (Unless the military begins training females similar to the Isreali army I do not think females should be in the Airborne either, because of the lower standards)

* Does it take a head injury to figure out whether or not you love or hate Donald Trump he deserves positive credit for bringing an array of topics into the lime-light which were necessary to come together to find solutions, to the myriad of problems?

* Though I am for female rights I will never vote for a candidate solely because she has a vagina because I can think for myself, and I can/will research information to make an informed decision. (Just as someone's ethnic make-up has not and will not influence my voting decision only the candidates' successful actions and acceptance of failures to show where the lessons were learned to move forward, will be able to earn this vote)

* Though I am a mom just because a candidate does(not) have children, will not influence my decision. (The way the candidate treats people when in the right/wrong and whether or not the person has money/influence, is far more important)

...maybe I should think about re-labeling as a Progressive Republican...

I suggest the serious 2016 Presidential Candidates start employing people who are not looking to step into an electoral field for genuine political advice, referencing the masses.

I recommend not utilizing solely test groups, but seeking individuals with unique experiences.

I suggest after speaking with those who may not fully into the pre-approved public view to balance the message with the professionals, while remaining honest with the public.

I suggest not labeling people within specified groups by their backgrounds unless you take every possible factor, into consideration.

I recommend taking a multi-faceted approach to this election well outside of any previous boundaries known from prior election strategies because the masses view the previous political parties being responsible, for the current election environment.

I recommend Democrats stop marginalizing people into groups and I suggest Republicans, expand outside of their comfort zones.


Thank you for taking the time to look through this website and please, enjoy your day.

Brightest blessings to all, for the highest good.