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Should it take a head injury to figure this out in reference to the Affordable Care Act, Gun Control

This blog will be different in I will post pictures from my first book Finding a Silver Lining. [More information here] , before posting articles referencing Obamacare AKA the ACA.

Unlike previous blog posts of mine I will not use the same format, as most of my previous blog posts.

The Street Article By Richard Suttmeier

Huffington Post Article By John Geyman, Professor Emeritus of Family Medicine at the University of Washington School of Medicine

Wisconsin Medical Society Article

The Washington Post Article By Amy Goldstien & Carolyn Y. Johnson

Tricare United Healthcare Connection


The American citizens were promised affordable health care policies which prior holders would not change, by President Obama.

We were told no one would lose their coverage, nor the need to change providers.

We were promised there would be nothing close to a "death board", for medical concerns.

The American public had been promised the ACA would not deny mental health while President Obama complains, about gun control.

How about getting at least one major change correctly implimented across the board, before moving onto something else?

Should it take a head injury to figure that out, Mr. President?

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