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Does it take a head injury to figure this out about prescription medications, overdose deaths, MMJ,

Each picture below has a link to the article in reference to each portion of this blog referencing different aspects of prescription medication, Medical Marijuana, overdose deaths related to the two, herbal supplements, and taxes in reference to MMJ.

At the end is the summary, of

my opinion.

In Reference to Prescription Drug Over-Dose

Compton Herald Article

St. Louis Today (STLtoday.com) Article By Matthew Perrone

Tri-County Sun Times Article By Jay Jacobs

Newsplex Article By Matthew Perrone

Consumer Affairs Article By James R. Hood

Articles In Reference to Military Over-Dose Deaths

Pain News Network By Pat Anderson

Military.com Article By Heath Druzin

Statesman Article By the American Statesman Investigative Team

Stars & Stripes Article By

Travis J. Tritten

LA Times Article By Tina Susman

Raw Story Article

In Reference to Herbal Supplements, Marijuana, & Associated Taxes

Modern Medicine Network Article By Michael J. Schuh, B.S., Pharm D, MBA

Lexington Herald Leader Article By

Jack Howland

The Costa Rican News Article By

Joaquin Leandro

Newsweek Article By Winston Ross

Chicago Tribune Article

The Leaf Online Article By Jeremy Daw

Each picture above has a link to the article in reference to each portion of this blog about the number of deaths associated with prescription medications, veteran deaths associated to prescription medications, MMJ, herbal supplements, and taxes.

Now at the end is the summary, here is my opinion.

* Does it take a head injury to understand the lack of deaths (with many hospitalizations) from Medical or recreational Marijuana compared to prescription pills or alcohol related deaths, should be a positive trait?

* Should it take a head injury to figure out the list of possible side effects for MMJ or recreational use are far less damaging side effects, than the prescription medications available?

(migraine medication causing headaches; ulcer medication causing upset stomach; stress medication causing suicide; etc.)

* Should it take a head injury to ask all candidates what they will do in reference to veterans who have found MMJ to be far better than the pill cocktails sent home, or whom have found a balance using both scientific medicine along with natural medicine?

* Should it take a head injury to figure out the FDA does not regulate herbal supplements sold at Whole Foods and similar stores, we should question why there are so many regulations over MMJ?

* Does it take a head injury to figure out plants purchased at the local Home Depot, Walmart, Target, Lowes, Kmart, and similar stores with garden centers sell bulbs and plants which are far more poisonous, than marijuana?

(For example: Amaryllis, Poinsettia, Rhubarb, Oleander, Monkshood, Adenium obesum, Corn Cockle, Aesculus, Datura, Colchucum, Brugmansia, Thevetia, Artemesia (AKA Wormwood), Salvia, just to name a few)

* Does it take a head injury to figure out the rise in heroine/crack is due to the education system not willing to work with children or their parents unless prescription medications are initiated, in which the doctors prescribe medication to take away the natural childhood responses and thus; is it truly curious why an adolescent/young adult will turn to hard drugs for any sort of rushing feeling, which had been taken away by the prescriptions?

* Does it take a head injury to figure out the amount of money made from taxes for MMJ separate from the taxes for recreational marijuana can possibly bring in more tax revenue to assist with education funds, law enforcement funds, fire response funds, emergency response medical team funds, transportation funds, healthcare savings funds, military spending funds, and etc.?

* Should it take a head injury to suggest finding a balance between both scientific, and natural medicine?

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