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Should it take a head injury to figure this out in reference to Christianity, and other (non-)belief

Each picture below has a link to the article in reference to each portion of this blog referencing the over-all treatment of Christians & other (non-)belief groups, within

today's society.

At the end is the summary of my opinion, with a personal story.

The Guardian Article - Italy

WSLS10 Article By Jenna Zibton

& Christina Craig

Inquisitor Article By Kim Brandow

The Christian Post Article By

Stoyan Zaimov

Campus Reform Article

By Anthony Gockowski

Christian Today Article By Carey Lodge

Each picture above has a link to the article in reference to each portion of this blog about the recent treatment, of Christians.

Now here at the end of the summary is a personal story, before the opinions.

Though I was raised in a Presbyterian household with a Deacon and a Trustee as parents my spiritual studies branched out quickly,

as an adolescent.

Having studied various form & paths

including but not limited to:

-Atheist beliefs -Agnostic beliefs

-Buddhism -Catholicism

-Confusism -Gnosism

-Hinduism -Hoo Doo

-Judaism -Muslim

-Paganism -Satanism

-Santaria -Shamanism

-Taoism -Witchcraft


While dealing with the after effects of the head injury, I slowly returned to studies of the spiritual realms.

One of the tattoos I have was named Methusela well before any recollection of the name or meaning from Biblical writings, at the time of the naming.

One of the tattoos I have is a pentacle with the Moon to represent the Feminine, and the symbol for the Sun representing the Male balance within the Divine.

The Medal of Honor Recipient Artwork has the Lord's Prayer written in a spiral pattern, to honor the soldier's faith.

The Medal of Honor Recipient Art for those soldiers whom did not have a specified religion upon their grave had quotes painted instead, of any religious prayer or symbol.

Should I come across a soldier with any other symbol than the cross I will honor their spiritual faith at their passing, whatever the symbol represents.

Here is the opinion part:

* Does it take a head injury to figure out respecting someone else's faith does not mean you (or anyone else) are automatically indoctrinated within, the particular spiritual path in the equation?

* Should it take a head injury to figure out acnowledging someone else's beliefs does not presume you (or anyone else) respect the person but can agree to disagree without a threat

of violence, or death?

* Does it take a head injury to figure out others deserve the right to believe their individual faith (or lack there-of) to assist their personal lives, as you (or anyone else) have the ability to (not) believe as well?

To All during the December/Janurary

holiday time-frame:

~ Brightest Bodi

~ Blessed Gantan-sai

~ Blessed Litha

~ Blessed Mawlid an Nabi

~ Blessed Timkat

~ Blessed Tu BiShvat

~ Feliz Posadas Navidenas

~ Happy Birthday Guru Gobindh Singh

~ Happy Hannukah

~ Happy Holidays

~ Happy Kwanza

~ Happy Mahayana New Year

~ Merry Christmas

~ Merry Yule

~ Peace Maghi

~ Peace Vasant Panchami

~ Peace Zarathosht Diso

If you are an Agnostic/Athiest/Satanist/Etc:

~ Best wishes for you, and yours

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Thank you for taking the time to look through this website and please, enjoy your day.

Brightest blessings to all, for the highest good.