2 Audio recordings of discussions with different employees of CFBISD

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Both discussions are in reference of making sure my daughter Lidia Louise #letters4lidia was properly taken care of while doing the best I could at the same time for my son James Michael #letters4james to assist both of my children as well as others, as best as I could; after what occurred at McCoy Elementary School of Carrollton Texas at the school as well as the Fort Worth Zoo field trip, after my meeting at the Carrollton Farmers Branch Independent School District May 2010 board meeting among other meetings. Though few I knew believed me at the time of what I was dealing with who knew me in person, I hoped more than just who knew me in person would be able to keep their children safe as well as themselves as I felt I was not the only one who was going through such as a parent and my children were not the only ones who had experienced such. Hopefully this makes more sense for some, a bit better. I will be posting documentation a bit more, though I already have throughout my journal blog previously; some additional notations to assist better if possible. Though I will add the timeline I created for a quicker understanding in brief for the up to that timeframe, among a few other downloads available.

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