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Whether you are looking at the possibility of running for or are in a local, state, or federal level of position in elected office there are certain circumstances which have presented themselves in the current time. If anything was learned from 2015 through to now in 2021 the ability for more to feel more as themselves while presenting information while maintaining the gratitude and respect to POTUS45 Donald J. Trump's legacy for what he with his family and staff with VPOTUS48 Mike Pence along with his family and staff began to show multiple angles of the different positions throughout the elected atmosphere is now, in a unique timeframe. When taking into consideration the social media additional portions to now add to the political climate, the concern for a genuine approach to maintain etiquette while maintaining the genuinity of who you are is important. This time has allowed you to discover some of the different locations, the processes, and even one person’s adventures among the changes over the recent times as well as the past few decades. I think some might need a bit of assistance in navigating through different areas of the modernized culture, in several ways.

I consider myself to be able to assist in such a refining process, in a variety of ways. My journal blog entries along with multiple other writings have been a way to talk about my different viewpoints, as unbiased as possible. While also maintaining the subject matter to be processed easily for clearer understanding, is and has been a hope of mine as I know there are times which I may come across as difficult though the specifics of which getting to can be difficult to verbalize as to the appropriate way. I can travel quickly when arrangements are needed to be made, which can be quite helpful when certain circumstances occur at times additionally when out taking care of various specifics to your schedule. Additionally, my journal blog about my experiences give examples of how I will approach the meetings which will give you a unique perspective as to how much I can help you review yourself and your stances to modernize and streamline in several ways when discussing more in depth about other topics more naturally. With much attention in many areas online as well as in the press media of multiple types as the steps forward in the revolutionized the modern day of political aspirations and views there are many areas which have been noticed of, that drastic changes can occur quickly.

It is no longer the proverbial monkey see monkey do environment as quickly as social media moves which means originality and genuinity, are beginning key factors. There is a difference between honesty and the difference between that being a gimmick, as more have a larger amount of access to various forms of technologies. I think there are more people who have realized this more now, than previously before.

I guarantee your poll numbers will move in a more beneficial direction teaching you in an individualized process, of how to circumnavigate through the waters. Though reading through my journal blog can make it easier for you to know some of my thought processes and experiences on your own, the adaptation of assimilating such to cultivate in the larger ways is a particular process with the various movements. Additionally to a review of an array of ways to reflect as to further progress you can tap into what I have to assist to clarify in ways which will assist your surefootedness in your stance and with your tempered strength in the how to present the information to convey, your ability to bring forward a point or a few in a specific way which will keep your audience paying attention and project your career more. When you want to know more about what’s in the depths of the spectrum of politics in this timeframe of which I will prepare you in ways you may not or did not think of previously, and though it might come across as extreme; the reality of the temperance, will show differently in various perspectives abundantly.


As POTUS45 and prior POTUSes and the First Families with the VPOTUSes and the Second Families have showed many sides of various positive traits to assist with getting progress moving forward in different ways and outlets in this fast paced and fluctuation of the now, it is pertinent to start earlier to prepare for when the election you run for office.

Hiring me is a great way to learn about a particular topic points your campaign wants to push forward to work from there while staying grounded in your public meetings, and maintaining a balance from those who are entertained by political ventures because of their concerns for the subject matters which are of importance to. I can spruce up your image if you are looking to reinvent your public view to your choices in politics, to assist the transition for clearer understanding in a larger way. As I can travel and assist you to explore more possibilities in your political life, I will assist with more positive experiences for positive growth. By following my journal blog you can read through everything posted about for the areas the assistance can be brought forward, and you can see the confidence she can assist you with in your presentations. Also in transitioning out of the political atmosphere I can assist you to acclimate with greater ease into the civilian sector, especially in this timeframe.

Though you do not have to be a political enthusiast to find excitement within my journal blog with some inspiring points, you can see the benefit which can be provided in a multitude of ways. What you do have to love about me is the life I can breathe into a different viewpoints and then assist the fine tuning to adapt to the political atmosphere in the current times, for futuristic steps forward. By the time you’re done reading a blog post or two about a few topics which you are passionate about to bring into the light you may be ready to head to the nearest way to contact me, to get me on your team.

As each candidate and each campaign for each candidate has specific goals to reach for, the additional boost with grooming techniques which will assist to refine your progress will be well worth the assistance. You will feel a bit of frustration at times for how blunt the process sometimes can be, though you will grow into a more positive level where you will be able to handle the curve balls while standing more confident in your position politically. With her pointers before you go further out on the main stage of how to cope and manage yourself even in what seems to be stressful circumstances you will take a step back, and then you will see the reasons of the brashness to bring forward a self-evaluating moment of pause. Then you will be able to see what others could see and then I will show you the value of that different perspective which will allow you to see your path from an unseen angle, and I will show you ways to step through that to outshine your opponent when the time comes though also in multiple situations beyond just the debates and the townhall meetings.


As it is known how there are certain outbursts here and there especially seen at various rallies and townhalls, I can give fresh ideas and perspectives how to prepare yourself in multiple circumstances. Each consultation experience when finished will leave you feeling lighter in your step and more confident in your approach while sustaining your ethics and morals to point different directions to look at, once the self-reflection is finished. Then, the clarifying begins. When that occurs of seeing the need for my help in your path, you will see it was not by happenstance. There is a purpose for each aspect of paths meeting and some of the reasons can illuminate the quick adjustments and precise requirements, for my help to your career.


Whether you are out with your family and friends or at a function event with a surprise situation, I can assist with your political dreams in ways which will prepare you in a larger way.


Prices may vary though give an estimate starting point as travel is extra to different states and though exclusive contracts would be different in price, below is for one example for the following three levels per hour in an unexclusive contract for specific individualized adjustment assistance for an example:

Per Individual for Local Elections and Officials: $50.00 (+ travel expenses per trip) with 10% discount per hour for prior service military verified

Local officials make up the vast majority of elected officials in the U.S. These officials include the mayor, town or city council members, county commissioner, etcetera. The number and titles of elected local officials vary. As it is understood of a yearly or bi-yearly election process and some look towards climbing through different levels of elected office, depending upon the goal levels.


Per Individual for State and Local Elections and Officials: State Officials: $100.00 (+ travel expenses per trip) with 10% discount per hour for prior service military verified

In most states, state offices include: Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, and Attorney General, State Supreme Court Justices, Comptroller, Treasurer, State Senators, and State Legislators. These officials are elected by the voters of the districts they serve with mainly bi and quad year elected races, which some prefer to maintain the level they are at and others seek additional ideals for your career.

We can discuss the details of the offer, for such assistance as to the requirements for my comfort to be able to assist.

The information for the three levels above I had found on wikipedia.org though I also looked at USA.gov, ballotopedia.org, FVAP.gov, and a few others to roughly go over the generalized three levels.

Prices for exclusivity contract, differs. Contact, today!

*  Written by me in comparison to specific notations on my website for clarification and transparency as along with my artwork, my books, my modeling, my photography, and The Ornery PSA journal blog entry/articles written by me as per the addition with the asterisk

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