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  Explore the Abstract Art of Susan MeeLing

Abstract art can be a stunning way to decorate your home or office. Any time you decide to search for art, there should be some kind of meaning behind it all. Susan MeeLing is an abstract painter with a significant portfolio, allowing you to choose art that truly speaks to you.


When you choose art, you have to look at a number of details. Do you know the abstract artist personally and want something to remember her spunkiness? Have you heard about her journey and want to support by purchasing abstract art paintings that she has done? Do you simply love abstract art and want to decorate your home or office with it?


There is no right or wrong answer when you buy art. You buy it because you love it and what it stands for. With abstract art paintings, it is often that everyone gathers their own hidden meaning from it. 10 people can look at the same painting and all feel something different from it.


You have to decide what the art is saying to you. While you can ask the abstract artist what they were thinking when they painted it, it doesn’t really matter. It’s all about how it’s able to convey a unique message to you. It will allow you to hang the art in a prominent location so that it invokes thought from you each time that you pass it.


When you look at the abstract art created by Susan MeeLing, you will find that there are a number of things going on. Some may seem like camouflage until you’re able to take a closer look at them. You can also start to see different things as you view the paintings from different angles.


There are a number of group series that you can explore, too. Particularly when you want to decorate with abstract art, you can have four pieces that have the same central color theme. Some of the canvases may be horizontal while others are vertical. It can offer a unique way to portray art within your home.


Susan MeeLing has the reputation for using a number of vibrant colors. This allows you to add a splash of color to your living space while embracing an artist. You may find some art with vibrant reds while others have passionate pinks. There may be paintings that feature mermaids, blades of grass, and even peacock feathers. Others allow you to define what you see in more fluid terms, such as waves of water and tornado tunnels.


You can choose to work with an abstract painter in a number of different ways. You can shop for art by the Great Reverend from the website, choosing various group series that have been created already. You can also choose to have her create something unique for her. In the event that you want to have something commissioned, you can decide to discuss the details with her personally. Since the artist paints in an abstract way, you won’t have full control of what the final piece looks like. However, you can discuss a central theme that you want to be encompassed as well as the colors that are utilized throughout the piece.


Every piece of art that you own becomes a part of who you are. It helps to define your personality, your likes, your dislikes, and even how you think of yourself. As such, you always want to choose art that connects with your soul. You want the art to tell a story of who you are. It needs to make you feel something. This way, when someone asks you about the painting or even about the artist, you have the ability to share details about it so that it provides some insight into your world and why you chose it.


Abstract art paintings, in the end, are all about self-expression. The artist felt a certain way when she created them. She poured her heart and soul into the painting with various colors of paint. Fingers and brushes were used to create the work of art that you see before you.


Now, when you’re looking to own abstract art, you simply have to decide which works connect with you so that you can decide to own them. There are plenty of options available from Susan MeeLing, so you can shop with confidence knowing that you can find something vibrant, meaningful, and completely unique. It can be the ultimate conversation starter in your home or office, too.

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